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Access to Capital Partners

There are numerous credible organizations focused on helping small business owners secure capital ​and get the information they need to make the best decisions for their business. Here's a list of some of our partners who focus on helping small businesses thrive.

Accion believes in a financially inclusive world—one in which every individual can seize the opportunity to access a full range of high-quality, affordable financial services. Through access, each person they serve can capitalize on his or her own capability and drive to achieve real economic gains—and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Accion es una organización sin fines de lucro que apoya el desarrollo a las comunidades al invertir en las personas que inician negocios y generan empleos en sus vecindarios. Ofrecen soluciones personalizadas de capital y entrenamiento individualizado a empresarios desatendidos en el estado de Illinois y en el estado de Indiana, al noroeste.

Accion is a nonprofit that helps communities grow by investing in people who build businesses and generate jobs in their neighborhoods. We provide customized capital solutions and one-on-one coaching to underserved entrepreneurs in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Accion is an award-winning nonprofit organization that offers loans between $500 and $1,000,000 along with training and other support services to those who want to start, operate or expand a small business. Since launching its services in Colorado in late 2008, Accion's impact in the state includes financing the start-up or growth of 1,023 businesses in 114 Colorado communities through more than 1,320 loans totaling more than $15.7 million. The Colorado entrepreneurs who received these loans report creating and/or sustaining an estimated 2,265 jobs. 

Accion es una organización galardonada, sin fines de lucro, que ofrece préstamos entre $500 a $1,000,000 dólares junto con capacitación e otros servicios de apoyo a aquellos que quieren comenzar, operar o expandir una pequeña empresa. Desde el lanzamiento de sus servicios en el estado de Colorado a finales de 2008, el impacto de Accion estatal incluye el financiamiento del inicio o crecimiento de 1,023 negocios en 114 comunidades de Colorado a través de más de 1,320 préstamos por un total de más de $15.7 millones de dólares. Los empresarios de Colorado que recibieron estos préstamos, notan, en sus informes, la creación y / o el mantenimiento de un estimado de 2,265 puestos de trabajo.